Friday, November 7, 2008

New CD: Gentle Yoga with Kezia Bacon-Bernstein!

I am delighted to announce the debut of my first compact disc: Gentle Yoga with Kezia Bacon-Bernstein!

“Gentle Yoga” is an approx. 1-hour instructional CD (an audio recording, not video). It features all the elements students enjoy in my typical yoga classes – centering, warm-ups, a gentle flow of sitting, standing, supine and table-position postures, and of course, rest pose.

The CD is designed to help you stretch and strengthen your entire body, while calming your mind and nurturing your spirit. It is divided into 19 tracks so you can choose which postures you’d like to do on a given day. You can play the CD in its entirety when you’d like a home practice that’s just like one of my regular yoga classes. But you can also just play segments: Only have time for 10 minutes of warm-up stretches? Just want to invigorate with some standing poses? Need some help unwinding? This CD will work for you.

Can’t make it to class this week? Going away on a business trip? Purchase this CD and you can take me with you! You’ll have Yoga with Kezia anywhere, anytime you want it!

Treat yourself by ordering one today! Its great gift too -- consider purchasing one for a friend or family member.

CDs cost $16, with MA sales tax included. Please contact me at for ordering and shipping info. Thanks!

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