Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How To Pronounce My Name

Kezia. Many people wonder . . . How the heck do you pronounce it?

Here's a simple clue. The "i" is silent.

So it's Kee' za. Two syllables, with the accent on the first one.

Or try the trick that my husband, who grew up in Boston, used when we first met. "The KEYS-ah in the cah." (The keys are in the car.)

Kezia is a name that appears in The Bible, in the Book of Job. There, it's spelled Keziah -- she was one of Job's daughters. Most people whose name is Kezia or Keziah pronounce it "Kez -eye'-ah." But that's not why my parents chose the name -- they found it in Glamour magazine! (and they liked the sound of "Kee' za" better). If you want to read the story about that, check out my Dad's blog at the following site. LINK

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Kezia Rhodes said...

this is the closest I've come to finding someone who pronounces my name the same.